A few days ago, an idea was pitched to me. I analysed the idea in my usual style of analysis. I start first with why it will not work before going into why it might work. I’m an accountant by training with a degree in economics. I never straight away assume something – an idea […]


The above video shows why the next 20-30 years will be driven by the need to be mobile. Since the beginning of the 20th century up until the 90s, our inventions and innovations were built on the need to communicate. The aeroplane, the automobile, the television, the telephone. The two world wars made this urge […]

Fascinating Nigeria

  I came across a newspaper feature of the new Nigerian tourism identity (video above explains the concept) and it will be criminal if I do not constructively analyse this here. The first problem about it is the slogan. Every government comes up with its slogan for our tourism identity. Why the inconsistency? We have […]

Addison Lee logo - white on black

My first reaction, to the news that the John Griffin led management of Addison Lee has sold the company to a private equity, was a heart warming one. Addison Lee’s story, every time I come across it, always warms my heart. I first came across them in 2007 and by 2009 when they supplied all […]


In September 2001, I joined fellow students of the University of Lagos in a protest rally. A protest against the increase in the pump price of petrol. I’ve never joined a protest rally before and I never did after then. And I remember saying to some people that all President Obasanjo had to do was […]


The above juxtaposition is the story of Nigeria in four words. Numbers don’t lie. It can be spun or explained away but they don’t lie. They never did, they never will. The National Bureau of Statistics has the poverty figure at 68% of the population. The United Nations latest figure records a similar figure. To […]

Tesco’s revival turns the screw on ‘big four’ supermarket rivals – Management – Scotsman.com.


A few months ago, I wrote on the change in strategy for UK’s largest retailer, Tesco. The change was two pronged – stlye and architecture on the one hand, better use of innovative tools on the other. Better put, they wanted to look a bit more like Waitrose while still remaining cheap; and also make […]


Where three or more Nigerians are gathered, the problems bedevelling us as a country will always be a topic of conversation/discussion. Every topic is a trigger for such conversations. Example: the sight of the full moon will trigger a conversation on electricity or [for the rockets scientists among us]why Nigeria does not have a space […]


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